Creative Architectural Acoustics

Fabric Wrap Wall Panels & Ceiling Baffles

The core construction is a dimensionally stable 6-7 PCF fiberglass board with chemically hardened edge protection. Finishes are completely adhered to the face of the panel and returned to the back for a full finished edge. All corners are fully tailored. A wide variety of fabrics are available from all major brands, including Guilford, Maharam, Knoll, Carnegie, and Designtex. A comprehensive selection of vinyl coverings is available from Sanitas Kalahari, Designtex and Maharam.

Size Availability

Available thicknesses are 3 /4 ”, 1”, 1-1 /2 ”, 2”, 3”, and 4”. Standard maximum size is 4’ x 10’. 4” maximum is 4’ x 6’ or 24 square feet. Custom size is our standard!

EDGE DETAIL All edges are resin hardened, unless otherwise specified. Available choices include: square, radius, bevel, and radius corners.


Standard mountings include spot and perimeter adhesive, Z-clip, concealed splines, impaling clips, hook & loop, and magnetic fasteners. Z-Bar to Z-Bar is recommended for ceilings.

Product Photos