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Fibre Glass

Our range of Fibre Glass products are listed below: –

Fabric Wrap Wall Panels & Ceiling Baffles

The core construction is a dimensionally stable 6-7 PCF fiberglass board with chemically hardened edge protection. Finishes are completely adhered to the face of the panel and returned to the back for a full finished edge. All corners are fully tailored. A wide variety of fabrics are available from all major brands, including Guilford, Maharam, Knoll, Carnegie, and Designtex. A comprehensive selection of vinyl coverings is available from Sanitas Kalahari, Designtex and Maharam.

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Ceiling Islands & Clouds

Ceiling clouds provide a great harmony of acoustics, aesthetics, and design flexibility. Absorptive, translucent, and reflective acoustic clouds help define and tune your space. We offer a broad array of easy-to-install solutions as well as engineered options to fit your space and performance needs.

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Architectural Cluster Ceilings

Excellent aesthetics, acoustical absorption, light reflectance, cleanability and durability including impact, scratch, sag, moisture and soil resistance. Inherent resistant to surface growth of mold & mildew. Custom shapes and sizes for both flat and curved are available, customizable panel shapes and sizes to meet the design requirement.

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Commercial Ceiling Tiles

Lay-in panels are factory made for standard 15/16″ and 9/16″ T-bar grid system with a smooth monolithic fine texture finish. The standard tegular and square lay-in edge profile have excellent acoustical absorption and light reflectance. The panels have good cleanability and durability to impact, scratches, sag, moisture, and soil resistance. It also inherent resistant to surface growth of mold and mildew.

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Custom Design Ceiling Tiles

Panels are custom manufactured and offers great design flexibility with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From curved panels and geometric panel shapes to flat panels in standard and large sizes.

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