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Ceiling Reflector Panels

Ceiling Reflector Panels is beneficial on walls and ceilings of auditoriums,  theatres, performance halls and lecture rooms. As these panels are designed to reflect sound rather than  absorb, the faces are non-perforated. Optional acoustic insulation on the back of panels absorbs non-directed sound within the plenum and enhances the overall acoustical performance of the room. Panels are factory curved to convex, concave shapes with a minimum 6 inch radius. The acoustic characteristics are controlled with the panel curvature, size, location and space between panels. The panels are available with natural wood veneer, reconstituted wood veneer, high pressure laminate or factory painted faces.

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Acoustical Diffusers / Flutter Free Panels

The various depth channels molded into this linear plank system provide the breakup and redistribution of sound waves. As a plank system with matching trim, it is incorporated into localized areas within a wall. Relatively small percentages of the total surface are needed to effectively control flutter and echo. Planks are manufactured with the hardwood specie and factory finish that matches the surrounding panels and other millwork. The planks are field trimmed and installed to match the acoustician’s requirement for sound diffusion in a particular area and within particular frequencies. Various groove widths and depths are available to control diffusion and flutter.

The actual pattern of the decorative face can be uniquely tailored to the specific design aspects of a project. The face patterns can be distinctive within each panel or blend with adjacent panels. Although most frequently used for wall or column applications, they can also be incorporated into ceilings. Because of the unique face undulations, many patterns are painted or coated rather than covered with wood veneer.

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Grooved Panels

Grooved Acoustical wood panels and planks combine wood beauty with acoustical performance into a simple installation package for walls and ceilings. Finely detailed face grooves, along with complementary back perforations, create very small, yet frequent channels to capture sound. Factory-attached acoustic fabric on the back adds acoustical performance and a light block. For additional NRC, panels and planks can be mounted in front of acoustic insulation for varied acoustical performances.

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Micro Perforated Panels

MicroPerf is an excellent solution for both wall and  ceiling applications, and can be applied to both flat  and curved panels that are available in custom or  standard sizes. Any of our suspension systems or wood veneers can be used on the MicroPerf panel.

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Wood Grill

  • Squared or rounded backers
  • Optional notched backers for rigidity
  • Flexible or wood dowels
  • Ceiling and wall applications
  • Blades less than 3.5″ deep
  • Micro-Grilles evokes sense of prestige and luxury

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